4-Reasons-why-you-require a-surveillance camera-for-your-business

It is common for small business owners to be unsure about whether or not they should install a Monitored  Alarm/Video surveillance system. No matter what the size of your business, commercial aMonitortered alarm/video surveillance is crucial to keeping your assets safe. unfortunately, a small business is more likely to be burgled than a family home. There are however other reasons why you should invest in a Monitored Alarm/Video surveillance system

1. Prevent and deter crime

In the awful situation where a business turns into a casualty of criminal movement or is generally burglarised, the business’ surveillance camera can assist in the apprehension of the thieves. Research has shown that there is a direct impact of the camera to reduced crime, even beyond the areas of camera coverage.  Investing in a good quality security system can potentially save you a loss of profit.

2. Discourage internal & external theft

Theft is a problem that many businesses face on a frequent basis. In fact, according to a Forbes 2013 research study, loss prevention is one of the top five priorities for businesses interacting with the public. Although many relate theft to customer theft, there is also the worry of internal theft. Having a surveillance system can help your business easily monitor customers in the store as well as employees that have access to products within the stores. If an incident does occur, having a surveillance camera system can help your team backtrack and attain information about the person committing theft. Commercial businesses without these systems reduce the chances of catching criminals after the crime.

3. Improve customer experience

This is especially important in industries such as retail and restaurants. The service industry relies on providing excellent customer service to continually bring in high-dollar revenue and to improve return on investment. Having surveillance cameras on site can help your business monitor the customer service being provided by those who are employed with the company. These videos can also be used as a learning tool to improve customer service or to commend those who are providing admirable service.

4. Reduction in Operating Costs

Do you want to lower expensive business insurance premiums? Video Surveillance systems for your store or office will dramatically drop your insurance rates. Insurance providers feel more confident in the investment they are making in your business when they know you are taking important measures to protect your business. A dependable indoor or outdoor surveillance system will strengthen your position and immediately your business becomes less of a liability on their end.

A business security system isn’t only for security

Designing and installing a surveillance system is much more than just hanging cameras in every corner. It involves evaluating your property to find security weaknesses, traffic flow, lighting challenges and what kind of equipment must be used for maximum coverage.

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